International Club of DC

This story is courtesy of my dear friend Lynn Burnett (dcasw), who turned me on to this wonderful organization in the District of Columbia, The International Club of DC. Thanks Lynn!

If you plan to visit the Washington DC area or you live near the district, you may want to check out the list of weekly cultural activities offered by The International Club of DC.

The International Club of DC is a social/cultural organization that arranges these amazing weekly artistic, culinary and touring activities in Washington DC. Many of their activities are sponsored or offered in partnership with Washington DC embassies and museums, so you get a chance to take part in authentic cultural events like tango dances in the Argentinian Embassy, or cooking classes in the Greek embassy.

This month for instance, there are Potomac river boat tours to view the Cherry Blossoms, tours of the Capitol and of the Finnish Embassy, the first ever "green" embassy in DC and there's a Gala evening in the Embassy of Greece with dancing and Greek food. This is just a couple of the events, the list just goes on and on.

In my opinion, it is best to sign up for their periodical newsletter, but you can also check their official website for updated information on monthly activities. Here's their site's address: http://www.internationalclubdc.com

If you attend any of their swanky cultural events in any one of these gorgeous embassy buildings in DC, let us know how it goes and have fun in the district like a sophisticated insider!


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