LONDON - Hyde Park


Did you know that in Hyde Park...

- There is an area for swimming in the lake?
- You can rent boats in Serpentine Lake?
- You can rent horses and take riding lessons (any level) in the park...
- One can dine in several facilities, like The Dell, The Lido Cafe, or The Hyde Park Tennis Central Cafe.
- There is an area for playing tennis and you're welcome to join in?
- They have several bowling green lanes?

For more valuable information on Hyde Park's seasonal events and facilities, please go to www.royalparks.or.uk


LONDON - Treasures of The Plague - The Wallace Collection


If you're in London between now, and the 10th of May, you may want to head to the Wallace Collection Museum to view a fascinating - FREE - exhibit, about a treasure-trove of gold and silver jewelery from the 13th century, found only recently, in 1998!! incredible! It had been buried under ground for 600 hundred in Thuringia - Central Germany.

This treasure, presumably owned by a Jewish goldsmith, was never retrieved by it's owner...perhaps, because he died suddenly from either, the plague (1348-49), or from the massacres that followed the plague - killings aimed at the local Jewish residents, who were blamed for the spread of the Bubonic Plague. (terrible!)

If you want more detailed information on this incredible exhibit, or about the Wallace Collection Museum's permanent collection, you can go to their website at www.wallacecollection.org.

The site includes a clear map with the precise location of the museum (a five minute walk from Edgeware Tube Station); and a tempting description of their French, courtyard Brasserie- yum, yum, I want to go!

If you make it to the exhibit or to the Museum's Brasserie, please let me know how they were...

Happy Trails!


Buenos Aires - Visit Evita's Tomb - Recoleta Cemetery


Here are some wonderful photos of the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires shot by Linda Wiske, a stylish "Portena" (a native from Buenos Aires, Argentina) who currently lives and works (in the airline industry) out of Buenos Aires.

Thank you Linda for your photos!! Please send us more!!! Also, give us some "insider tips" about cool places to visit, while in your home town!

Some historical details about the Recoleta Cemetery you may want to know, before you go:

The Recoleta Cemetery was the first public cemetery built in Buenos Aires in 1822. It was declared a Historical Monument in 1946 - much like the Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

When the Recoleta Cemetery first opened, it only accepted Catholics for burial. In 1863, this rule was changed, to allow members of "other religions", equal access to the site, for burial.

The Recoleta Cemetery was built by the government, in confiscated farm land from Franciscan friars.

Evita - Eva Peron - is buried here - See if you can find her grave! (it is perhaps, the most visited grave in the site).

If you're not interested in finding Evita's grave, just wander around the grounds. It is a quiet, shaded and peaceful place. As you walk along the tiny, cobbled-stone paths, you'll see beautifully aged graves decorated with stunning marble sculptures. Very worth the visit!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of this marvelous place if you go...


Airplane Comedy - Rapping Flight Attendant


Gotta see this to believe it! A rapping flight attendant from South West Airlines. Check it out. I think it's amazing!

Video, courtesy of YouTube.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


PARIS - Sainte-Chapelle - A tiny Gem!


If you're in the Ile de la Cite and it is a sunny day, you must visit the gorgeous Sainte-Chappel (Holy Chapel) - a tiny gem of a church filled with multi-colored stained glass windows, just a few blocks away from Notre Dame.

This Gothic structure, was built around 1248 by King Louis IX to house his newly purchased Christian relics - a tiny piece of the Holy Cross and The Crown of Thorns. The kicker, he payed three or four times the price of building the church for the relics!

If you go, don't forget to visit both floors. The second floor can be easily missed, and it's the most beautiful part!!

If you're not familiar with the characteristics of Gothic Architecture (high ceilings and a lot of light) these stairs to the second floor (one in either back corner of the lower level) will take you straight up to heaven!

As you enter, you will be in The Kings Chapel, an intimate room surrounded by tall glorious stained glass windows that glisten even more, under the sun.

I hope you find this place as magical as I did. Enjoy!

Any magical places in Paris you wish to recommend?

Did You Know? - Croissants R-not from France!!


Did you know that the venerable French Croissant (yum, yum), arrived in Paris around 1630-1690, via Vienna, as an import from Turkey? Who knew?

If you wish to read more about this and other interesting historical details about Paris, read Paris - The Secret History - by Andrew Hussey. A fantastic read!


Did u Know? - Pizza Margherita


Did you know that Pizza Margherita was named after Queen Margherita (1851-1926) of Italy, who adored this pizza, because it depicted the flag of Italy (red-white & green)?


BERLIN - Travel Photos by Kayra


Kayra, an American, now living in fascinating Berlin, sent us some of her wonderful pictures, of her new home turf.

As and international flight attendant, she travels often and explores the world, always, with camera on hand. We thank her for sharing with us some of her great shots of Berlin.

Thank you Kayrita!!

Can you please send us now, some "inside" scoop about cool and interesting places to visit in Berlin!

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