Great Food Dictionary for Paris! ...or Rome...


This is a slim and handy restaurant guide for Paris, not so valuable for it's minimal food establishment recommendations, but invaluable for it's alphabetized food dictionary in the second half.

They call it a "French Menu Translator", I call it a life saver! If you ever go to France, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to understand the French food menus of Paris restaurants , even if your French is better than rudimentary. With this little guide/food translator (it is thin enough to fit in your back pant pocket), you will never be unprepared again when ordering a meal in French. It will definitely reduce the risk of ordering something and getting something completely different than what you intended.

This little guide is a definite must, specially in France, where they love to serve brains, kidneys, livers, pig's heads and snails as delicacies in the finest restaurants. No offense to those who love these foods. I just don't want to get them when I'm not looking for them, thank you very much!

So, next time you go to France, if you're like me and you need a little help with your French, pick up this guide before leaving and problem solved when ordering food. You'll never end up with tripe or "boudin noir" if you don't plan on it to start with.

By the way, in case you're going to Rome, they also have a similar guide for Italian Menu translations from the same publisher and if you don't know what boudin noir is, it's blood sausage! Bon Appetite!

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Eating & Dining in Paris: French Menu Translator
Author - Michael Dillon
Amazon price - $9.95 new


iPhone Travel Application - Tipping Tips


Tipping Tips is a very useful and easy to use travel application for your iPhone. It provides you with detailed tipping advice for over 100 international destinations. Pretty handy information for any international flying crew member.

Tipping Tips Features:

-provides an easy to use calculator
-it allows you split the check with up to 8 people
-includes a flashlight in case the restaurant is too dark to see the bill
-lists detailed tipping instructions/customs for 108 countries
-it only costs $.99 cents

If you wish to read more about this applications, please visit their home site at
http://www.snappapp.com/Tipping or check the application description in iTunes.

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