Oh la la! Nespresso in Miami Beach!


Lincoln road now has it's own swanky Swiss Nespresso Cafe, one of only three in the United States!! and yes it's amazing coffee!

Remember my earlier post on the best coffee I tasted in Paris at the Nespresso's on the Champs Elysees? (link enclosed) Well now we can have that same memorable experience in SOBE (South Beach). Hello Nesspresso South Beach, here I come! POSTCARDS FROM THE AIR: PARIS - Memorable Coffee at Nesspresso

Nespresso in Lincon Rd. opens daily from 10am to 10pm and serves "the coffee experience". They do not sell cups to go, they only serve coffee in ceramic white cups while you sit at their fancy coffee bar or in one of their multicolored modern chairs in their modern coffee restaurant.

Each cup will set you back around 4 to 5 dollars, depending on weather you order a single or double shot cup of coffee and you can select the flavor you prefer from an impressive menu of delicious world brews.

Nespresso SOBE serves salads and snacks to accompany their coffees, but their main attraction is, you guessed it, their memorable coffee! The Nespresso cafe is also a Nespresso shop where sublime Nespresso coffee makers are sold for $200 to $700 dollars a piece.

Next time you go to South Beach, stop at the Nespresso SOBE coffee bar at 1111 Lincoln Rd. and don't forget to enjoy the people watching!

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport - Food to go...


One last French morsel before flying across the pond? Stop at the 407 Bar before boarding your plane. Located inside Charles de Gaulle airport right next to gate 20-28, they serve delicious fresh, crunchy baguette sandwiches to go.

My favorite one is the sandwich du "Jambon" with butter, but they also make an awesome mozzarella and tomato baguette.

The 407 Bar also brews a mean cappuccino to go. It will give your engines a quick start.

Now that's a nice way to start your flight don't you think!

Au Revoir! and Bon journee!

Canal St. Martin - Paris


A wonderful thing to do in Paris on a Sunday afternoon (a notoriously slow day in Paris) is to head to the 10th Arr. to the Canal St. Martin for a leisure walk along the water. There you will find 3 miles of planted banks, ancient locks and metal foot bridges plus some inviting outdoor cafes with sitting areas along the water's edge.

Take the Blue #2 Metro line to the JAURES stop, in the direction of NATION - you can connect to the blue line at the Charles de Gaulle - Etoile station. Once you arrive at the Jaures station, you will see the canal right below the train tracks. Start your walk from here and head south along the water towards Place de la Republique.

Don't miss the Hotel Du Nord along the way, it was featured in a 1930's French movie. It has a welcoming outdoor and indoor sitting area and the restaurant serves decent French food. Also along the way, is Point Ephemere. An art complex located inside an industrial building that sits right below the Jaures Metro station. It houses an art gallery, a space for music venues and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace by the water.

By the way, the Canal St. Martin was built by Napoleon around 1822 to provide drinking water for Parisians. Today it's one of Paris's most romantic spots.

Do you have any favorite week-end spots in Paris? Share them with us! We will post your story with your name. Send your story to postcards@me.com

Enjoy your visit!
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