BHEESTIE Bag- Helps remove water from a cellphone or other small electronic


Bheestie Bag " It's easy to use and it's always thirsty". I love that line! It's about this pretty handy product that sucks the water out of your electronics if you ever, let's say, drop your phone in water or spill a drink on your camera. Ouch! I discovered this gadget while reading a recent New York Times article on "recommended travel gadgets" by Seth Kugler.

So what exactly does the Bheestie Bag do? it extracts water/moisture from your electronic devices, so if you happen to drop your iPhone in a pool or your camera in a lake while traveling you can save them from "drowning" by dropping the wet electronic device in the Bheestie Bag and puf! like magic, it will extract all the moisture out of the "injured" device and return it to it's former dry, healthy self. Amazing!

If interested, visit Bheestie's official website (link enclosed at end of this post). The bag sells for $20.00 (twenty) dollars and it can be ordered via Bheestie's official website at www.bheestie.com or via www.Amazon.com. You can also purchased it directly from any REI retail store.

I'm enclosing a more detailed description the Bheestie Bag, as per Amazon's website. I'm also including some testimonials from Bheestie's website for your perusal. In addition, aside from the New York Times, the Bheestie Bag has received positive reviews from NPR, the Today Show, ROAD magazine, Fox News and more. Check their website for additional information.

Amazon's description of the Bheestie Bag:
"BHEESTIE keeps personal electronics working better and potentially lasting longer. Can be used for daily maintenance or even to save a wet cellphone, iPod®, camera, etc. BHEESTIE can last up to a year depending on use.Great for use after sports and activities: running, skiing, golfing, boating, travel, gym, walking, beach,
biking, water sports or accidental soakings. BHEESTIE pulls the wet out of your

Testimonials from Bheestie's site:
"My cell phone was in my pocket of my blue jeans. They needed to be washed so I threw them in the wash forgetting to grab my phone. All of the sudden I heard a banging noise coming from the washer. It was my cell phone in the washer on the spin cycle. I took it out and put it in a Bheestie bag for 24 hours. My phone was back to normal. Thanks to Bheestie. Katie
"I dropped my cell phone in a coke at an Astros game. It wouldn’t even turn on. After I used Bheestie my phone was back to normal. T.E."

For more information on the Bheestie Bag, please visit their official website - link enclosed. BHEESTIE Bag� - Helps remove water from a cellphone or other small electronic

Happy (dry) trails!

Photos, courtesy of Bheestie Bag.

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