Need a Tailor? Massage? Driver or a Guide in Beijing?

Beijing Information - Part I

Next time you fly to Beijing, please print this page before you leave. It will come in handy, I promise! It has useful information on preferred Flight Attendant "service providers" near our new hotel in downtown Beijing. The list contains suggested guides, drivers, massage and acupuncture therapists, etc - tried and tested by our most seasoned Beijing Flight Attendant fliers. This information was generously shared with us by Pam Nooney (dcasw), one of our Beijing shopping experts. Thanks a million Pam!!!

Here it goes:

For a Massage -

-Victor - comes to your room with a massage table - excellent
133-668-39496 - 100 rmb/hour (ex-Taipan Spa Masseuse)

- John - comes to your room with a massage table (ex instructor of massage - Tai Pan Spa)
135-525-61339 - 80 rmb/hour

-Li Lin - comes to your room

- Dr. Li Ping - Massage and Acupuncture

- Vicky - Oil Massage - comes to your room

- Wang Fei - Massage & Nails - Acupuncture, Reflex Foot Massage & Body Massage
email : 2005wangfei168@sina.com
3 years medical training
103 Building #4 - pink sign near SPR coffee

- Xiao Li - comes to your room with a massage table
Formerly Taipan Spa Masseuse #316

- Yan Hua - (girl) - Massage table - Acupuncture studies

If You Need a Tailor -

- Rose - Tailor #9
Will pick up and deliver from the hotel
Chen Yi Ping

- Luo Juan - Tailor #13
Will pick up and deliver from the hotel

If you Need your Nails or Hair Done -

Sandy's Nail & Hair Salon
Behind building #6, across the street from the Marriott

- Vicki & Hellen Nails -
Corner of building #3 - Across the street from the Marriott, in the walking plaza #106
With Sister's

If You Need an English Tour Guide or a Driver -

Frank Wang - English tour guide with a car

- Mr Li - Driver and car for hire

- Wang Kiang - Li's brother - car for hire

- Charlie Deng - Best Guide for the Forbidden City and Summer Palace!

For Shopping -

Beijing Sweetdreams Textile Duvets -
Mr. Li
Best prices and US sizes
(Calif King, King, Queen & Twin comforter Duvets, Sheets -fitted and flat - Bedskirts and
Pillow Shams)
Delivers to hotel - Showroom in SoHo buildings
Call for directions and room number.

- Li's Sisters - #106
Shoe bags, Purses, Scarves, Pashminas


Blondie said...

Hi Liz,

I got PEK on RSV today...so, I've printed all your information and am looking forward to a great trip! This is a great resource--thanks! Hope you are well! Annette

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