El Morro, Puerto Rico

This past week, I visited El Morro - a historic Spanish Citadel located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was originally built by the Spanish during the 1500's to protect the island from it's numerous invaders. Today, it is a World Heritage Site that sits on the edge of the water overlooking Old San Juan.

If you are interested in visiting El Morro, you can either take a taxi from the hotel to Old San Juan for around $16.00 each way or you can take the city bus #21 like I did, from a few steps away from the hotel (ask concierge for directions) for $.75 cents each way (have exact change in hand).

Get off at the last bus stop. This is the start of the historic district of Old San Juan. From here, you can reach El Morro after an easy walk through the charming cobbled stones streets of Old San Juan.

As you walk towards El Morro, take your time to get lost in the narrow streets of Old San Juan. Peak inside the quaint art galleries, the colorful stores and the inviting restaurants along the way. You'll have enough time to eventually end on the other end of the old town and by the water, you will find the monumental El Morro site.

To enter the the citadel, there's a $3.00 admission charge. Pay it, its worth it, I promise. Also, it contributes to the maintenance of this gorgeous site.

Have your camera ready. There will be many fantastic photo opportunities around the fort. If you wish to read more about El Morro's history, please click on the following link. El Morro, Puerto Rico El Morro, El Morro History.

Here are a few of the photos I took while I visited El Morro and Old
San Juan.



Erin & Simon said...

Hi Lizzie,
It was lovely to meet you at Casa Saltshaker last night - what a wonderful meal! Your blog looks fantastic- it's great that you are sharing your travel tips with everyone.

These photos of Old San Juan are beautiful - hopefully we'll visit one day.
Best Wishes,
Erin & Simon

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