MOSCOW - Hot Baked Potatoes!

Sometimes all one craves after a long international flight is a small, hot snack before crashing into deep REM in your hotel bed. In Moscow, you can go to "Mr. Potato"- at least, that's what I call the place, since I can't read the sign in front of the store. They serve perfect sized, large, hot baked potatoes stuffed with a variety of fillings of your choice to eat there or to take out.

"Mr. Potato" is a diminutive store no larger than a walking closet. It's primarily a take-out place, but they do have three or four stools along a tiny, cramped bar in case you prefer to eat your potato right there when you purchase it.

"Mr. Potato" is located across the street from Coffee Mania, on Nikitskaya Street, with in walking distance of our downtown layover hotel. Ask the concierge for directions before you leave the hotel. Hint, the inside is bright yellow and the logo on the entry door, is a circle containing a man carrying a huge potato (photo enclosed).

A baked potato with one or two fillings at "Mr. Potato" will set you back a couple of bucks and it will leave you tummy warm and full. Eat one and you will feel "just right" to head back to your room for some badly needed sleep.

"Mr. Potato" is a chain, so wherever you see the logo around the city, you'll be able to step in for a freshly baked and stuffed potato.



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