Flight Attendant & Pilot gifts - T-shirts, Buttons, Mugs, Pillows & more...


This is a really cute Internet site that sells everything "Flight Crew" related - There are Flight Attendant and Pilot buttons, mouse pads, t-shirts, baby clothes, mugs, water bottles and cards. Do take a look and see if there's something you like. Some are pretty funny!

The link for this site in here : Flight Attendant Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress



Old Airline and Travel Posters - Paris


I Just found this wonderful souvenir shop on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris that sells pretty cool vintage style, travel posters. The name of the shop is Tuileries Images and it's located in 210 Rue Rivoli, right across from the Louvre.

Take a look at the photos I took of some of the posters they sell. Each one sells for 15 Euros unframed. Some are old airline posters for TWA, United and Air France. They also have travel posters for other exotic, world destinations.

Don't miss the small picture I enclosed of a very cute small make up bag?/small tote? with adorable, old airline logos. A great little travel bag that sells for 14.50 Euros.

Tuileries Images
210 Rue Rivoli
(across from the Louvre)

E.Dehillerin : french stainless steel cookware


For serious, aspiring cooks, this is a must visit on your next trip to Paris! E. Dehillerin, a superb cooking supply store famous for it's heavy duty copper pots and other restaurant quality kitchen accessories. Even if you don't cook, you'll enjoy browsing their extensive collection of cooking and baking gear.

If interested in visiting Dehillerin's, head to Les Halles to the corner of Rue Coquilleriere and Rue Jean Jaques Russoe. The store is located on the same side as the Saint Eustache Church. For more information of E. Dehillerin, check out their official website in the following link and enjoy your visit - E.Dehillerin : french stainless steel cookware

E. Dehillerin
18-20 Rue Coquilleriere
51 Rue Jean Jaques Russoe
9-12 am
Sunday - Closed

Au Pied de Cochon - Paris Restaurant


Ahhh, to do the tourist thing in Paris! Not so bad really, if what you do is stop by " The Pig's Feet" restaurant in Les Halles, to indulge in a traditional French brasserie style meal.

Au Pied de Cochon is an institution in the area of Les Halles. It has been around since the days when Les Halles housed the most important food market in Paris (closed since 1970). It specializes in anything/everything pig related - pigs head and frittes (fries), pigs feet, pigs ears, etc. - and it appeals to tourists and French alike.

In addition to pig parts, they also serve traditional french dishes such as French Onion Soup, Escargot, multi-tiered seafood platters, etc. and they serve food 24 hours a day!!!
Also, for the summer, they have a most reasonably priced 16 Euro Menu available at any time of the day.

I had dinner at Au Pied de Cochon this past week and I sat outside in a table of my choice with out having to make a reservation. The service was super friendly and the menu was available in various languages. I ordered a French Onion Soup that was amazing and big enough for two. I also ordered a cold salad with chicken (so, so) and a memorable glass of white wine recommended by my very helpful waiter. My whole meal was about 25 Euros.

Some of my neighbors ordered the pigs feet with frittes (photo enclosed). Others had the huge, double tiered trays of seafood that sold for 45 Euros and seemed large enough to feed two from a single order. Unfortunately, it was too much to eat for me alone, so I had to pass on it , but it sure looked wonderful!

The whole experience was a real French treat! I highly recommend it!

For more information on Au Pied de Cochon, please visit their official website by clicking on the following link. Les Fr�res Blanc | Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon
6 Rue Coquilliere

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