Cherry Blossoms in DC

If you're in Washington DC anytime in the next few weeks until mid-April, don't miss the Cherry Blossoms by the Jefferson Memorial in The Mall. It's a sea of spectacular pinks and whites that mark the start of spring in the nations capital.

You wont be alone, so get there early! I mean it! Otherwise, it will be just too crowded. I planned to arrive on The Mall by 7 am this past Saturday to avoid the crowds, but when I got there, I found hoards of people already parked at the tidal basin with their tripods and cameras angling for the best morning shots of the gorgeous blooms. Who can blame them really, it was magnificent.

Here are some shots I took of the Cherry Blossoms. If you want more information on possible dates of the blooms, you can click on the enclosed official site for the Cherry Blossoms. Bloom Watch.

ps- The best way to get there if you're already in the district, is either by taxi, or by Metro to the Smithsonian Exit or by bike (my favorite way). To rent a bike, go to the Georgetown boathouse located at the end of Wisconsin Avenue, on the river. It's almost in front of the Watergate buildings on the river's edge. Bring your license and a credit card. The rental, plus a lock (get one so you can park the bike while you visit the museums or the monuments if you want) should run you about $20 to $30 dollars for the day. By far, THE BEST WAY to see The Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, The Smithsonian Museums and The Capitol.



Onthefly... said...

beautiful mz. liz! i'll check it out next year, and thank you Japan for your fabulous gift to our country!

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