Travel Gadgets - Seatbelt Purses and Bags


Yesterday, as I waited patiently in the Customs line for my turn with the Inspector, I spotted this Flight Attendant in the line ahead of me, with a unique, large square weave tote bag. Intrigued by the look of the bag, I asked her about it.

She smiled and responded "seatbeltbags.com" ... Huh? Yep, she added, her bag was made out of airplane seat-belts! Wow! what a surprise! That explained the unique square patterns on the bag.

So, of course, I got home and "googled" seatbeltbags.com. I found out that the company's real name was Harvey's and that it was based out of Santa Anna, California - Double WOW! a nice bag and made in the USA!

If interested, just click here. The bags come in many colors and sizes, they claim to clean easily with soap and water plus, they must be sturdy don't you think?

A plus, if you plan to use yours as a work-horse, travel bag.

Do you have a favorite brand of suitcase or travel bag?


Airplane Comedy - UAL 'bad" Customer Service


Hilarious! enough said!

Airplane Comedy - Carol Burnett - In the Air


This video is too funny, way ahead of it's time! enjoy!

Airplane Friendly Toiletries - Spf -30 Protection


A slim, portable and easy to pack SPF 30 sun protection cream- wow! how clever! Who thinks of this? I love it! If interested, you can order yours from The Skin Store -in the sun protection category.

Happy Trails!

Airplane Friendly Toiletries - Sephora Goods


If you're planning a trip, you may want to visit your nearest Sephora store (or website) first. They have some pretty cool, compact goods for travel, like the ones I photographed above.

Just go to www.Sephora.com, and enter the word "travel" in the search window and you will get a page with a list (on the left side) of various item categories, for travel. There is a makeup, skincare, fragrance, natural and tooth care category. Check them all out. There are some clever "flight-friendly" packaged goods.

I selected the Pomegranate face cleanser by Korres (it smells divine!); and I thought the tooth-care package was very cute and useful when on "the run". Also, I loved the short, makeup brushes - They're small enough to carry in your purse! Take a look at these well thought, travel-friendly packaged products in this wonderful beauty store.

Enjoy! and let me know what you think!

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