Geneva - The Patek Philippe Museum


This, my friends, is a visual luxury we can not afford to miss. A visit to the eye-popping, hand crafted, bejeweled, exquisite, historic Patek Philippe watch collection in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, Switzerland.

I was fortunate enough to receive stellar recommendations for this museum from the hotel concierge in Geneva, so I decided to make the trip and check out the place once and for all.

Well, it's all he said and more. Let me tell you. A tiny museum with several floors, housed in what looks like a refurbished historic town house in downtown Geneva, the museum houses a collection of blindingly beautiful, historical time pieces.

I'm not big on watches, but anyone with any knowledge of fine watches, is probably already familiar with the exclusive Patek Philippe Swiss watch brand.

Since the late 1800's, they have outfitted royal families and world leaders with fine time pieces as they journeyed into new territories in the design of fine time pieces and jewelery. During their reign, they broke all molds in terms of shapes, quality, beauty and creativity of these fine time pieces. This, you will be able to appreciate clearly when you view the collection.

Do yourself a favor and visit the museum next time you're in Geneva. You will not be sorry. I promise. It's a relatively easy (free) ride on the tram from the hotel to the Grand Plaze - if you use your complimentary tram pass - and a two block walk from the tram stop at the Grand Plaze to the museum. On a nice day, it's also very walkable. Please get clear directions from the hotel Concierge before you leave the hotel, just to be sure. I believe the museum closes around 5pm.

Here are just a tiny sample of the amazing pieces I saw and photographed in the collection before I was told photographing was not permitted. Ooops! Enjoy the photos and the video I've enclosed.

For more information on the Patek Philippe Museum - I'ts history, hours of operation, price of admission, etc. please click on the enclosed (blue) link below and enjoy the show!

The Patek Philippe Museum

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