Moscow - The Tchaikovsky Conservatory


To attend a classical music concert in Moscow, go to the historical Tchaikovsky Conservatory located within walking distance of our layover hotel. It is the yellow building with white columns that sits almost next to Coffee Mania on Nikistkaya Avenue, right behind the Lenin statue shown in the enclosed photo (get directions from the concierge). The main entry door to the Conservatory is right behind the Lenin statue. (photo enclosed).

Shows at the Conservatory start at around 7pm and tickets go for 400 to 500 Rubles (about $13 dollars), depending on the location of your seat. The theater is beautifully ornate on the inside, worth the price of admission.

Show schedules and tickets can be obtained from the Hotel's Front Desk (they order them over the phone) or you can go directly to the conservatory on the evening of a show and purchase your tickets from the "not so friendly" ticket booth attendants. I recommend the first option, since the lobby theater will seem confusing and chaotic for a first timer, and it will be very crowded right before the show.

For more information (in English) about the Conservatory, i.e., schedules, shows, history of the conservatory and a seating plan, click on the enclosed link : Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory - Halls - Great Hall

Enjoy the show!

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