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Sweet Dreams - zzzzz- Pant Hangers to block Light???


Next time you find your self in one of those hotel rooms with curtains that do not close completely, letting too much sun light into the room as you're trying to sleep? Look in your closet for the solution.

Grab a set of pant hangers, the ones with clips, and use the clipper parts of the hanger to "clip " the rebellious curtain segments together. Work with it until you can properly block the offending light completely. Voila! Sweet darkness will reign again in your room. Time to go back to sleep.

Shower Caps for your Shoes, huh?


I recently ran into my old friend Diane ( a very senior flight attendant from San Francisco, with 30+ years of seniority and travel experience ) in Beijing. It had been a while since we both saw each other, so we headed to her room to chi-chat.

While we talked and she packed her bag for her return flight, I watched her casually grab a couple of the hotel's shower caps to cover the bottom of her running shoes before packing them in her bag.

Wow! I thought, what a clever idea!! So simple and useful, all in one. A perfect solution for toxic shoes, specially after walking the streets of China. I immediately loved the idea! So I decided to make a mental note and share it with you.

So, next time you pack your bag, remember to first head for the hotel bathroom to grab a couple of shower caps. They'll fit nicely over your offending soles. Who knew they could be so handy.

Thanks Diane!!!

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