Buenos Aires - Lunch and Tango


For a nice lunch "al fresco" and a day time Tango show, head to the Resto Bar in San Telmo.

The Resto Bar is a quaint cafe with a relaxed atmosphere located right at the edge of Plaza Dorrego. They offer a daily lunch menu for $35 pesos (10 dollars) and while you eat, you can enjoy the live Tango show.

Lunch and Tango are served from 1 to 4 pm. at the Resto Bar. They also have free wireless Internet.

ps- Heads up! Don't try getting near this place on Sundays when Plaza Dorrego is the epicenter of the San Telmo Antiques Flea Market, for it will be busting at the seams with people.

Buenos Aires - Shopping for Leather


When in Buenos Aires, there are two things you must do, eat steak and buy leather. After you've had your fill of beef, here are some places to purchase leather.

Bettina's - This is a private leather shop/factory where airline crews get their custom made leather goods in 24 hours. I've heard that Bettina, these days, also designs for big shots like Mick Jagger (unconfirmed) and Rachel Ray (Chef from the Cooking Channel). Good for Bettina, but not good for us, if you know what I mean.

If you decide to visit her shop, bring a picture and she will copy it or pick something from her ready made selection. Bettina may be a bit pricey these days, specially as she gets more used to working with the stars. Nonetheless, her custom made work is flawless.

Expect to pay about $200 to $300 dollars for a garment that could cost about $800 in the States.

Calle Murillo - An area of about four blocks where wholesale leather factories keep shop for access to the public. Technically, prices should be about 30% less in this area, but best to know your prices before you go, so you can negotiate well. I've heard (unconfirmed) they merchants in this area may try to charge you more if they hear you speak with a foreign accent.

Calle Murillo is located in the area of Palermo, a few blocks away from Malabia, near Palermo Soho. Ask you concierge to mark the location in a map and take the metro or a taxi - a taxi ride should be no more that about eight dollars each way.

Ave Florida - This is the most popular and best known destination for leather shopping for tourists. Predictably, it's also the priciest. Ave Florida is a pedestrian street located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, lined with shops that sell fine leather goods. It's a good place to start, but watch your wallet and purse while walking in Florida, there are thieves that love to pick-pocket tourists.

Prune Outlet - Prune is an upscale leather goods shop in Buenos Aires, with stores in all the expensive malls of the city. They make beautifully designed, trendy shoes, lovely purses and fancy leather jackets. Their outlet store, is located in the Palermo Soho area in 875 Gurruchaga street. Inside the outlet, there is an extensive selection of last season's jackets, boots, shoes, etc.

The prices are well worth the eight dollar taxi fare from downtown BA. Also, once there, you'll be in the vicinity of other famous Argentinian outlets like La Martina (an upscale leather and Polo line), Paula C'ahndenver (casual designer wear) and Blaque ( fun and colorful leather goods).

Do you know of other leather shops, factories or outlets worth mentioning to our readers? If you do, please let us know, so we can post it in the future.

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