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I am digging this book, Parisian Chic, by Ines de la Fressange.  It's the ultimate insider guide for Paris and Parisian ways.  It has a number of fabulous suggestions for French boutiques, quaint restaurants and cozy hotels favored by locals.   Ines also offers easy to follow pointers on "how to dress like a Parisian" for those who wish to "fit in" and be chic.   Lots of entertainig and informstive stuff for your next trip to la belle Paris!

So who's Ines de la Fressange? She's a famous French ex-super-model who was asked by France, to be one of the faces of Mariane, the symbol of the French Republic. She was was also named the "chicest woman in France" by Le Figaro and was the face of L'Oreal for many years.  The lady oozes style and has much to say about it, so listen up!

The book is great fun to read and her tips and recommendations, amazingly easy to follow.  Who knows, after reading her book, you may enjoy dressing and shopping like a true Parisian! Oh, lah, lah!

If you're interested in purchasing her book (Parisian Chic) click on the enclosed link to Amazon Books.   Amazon.com: Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange (9782080200730): Ines de la Fressange, Sophie Gachet: Books

Let me know what you think of this recommendation and have a wonderful time in Paris.

Return to Paris! Summer 2012!!!


This June, we return to Paris!  To prepare for the upcoming adventure, here are two awesome internet sites with information in English on everything to do with Paris.


I'm enclosing a link (at bottom of page) to the My Little Paris blog for a taste of what these publications offer. My little Paris also offers an iPhone application for easier internet access.

Here is an example of a My Little Paris article on Best Spots for Soup in Paris :

Our top soup spots in Paris

Les Cocottes, 135, rue Saint-Dominique, 7th. 
Pumpkin soup : 7 € 
tel : 01 45 50 10 31

Le Bar à Soupes, 33 rue de Charonne, 11th. 
Carrot-pineapple-ginger soup : 4,70 € 
tel : 01 43 57 53 79

Jadis, 40 Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette , 9th.
Pastry soup : 8 € 
tel : 01 48 74 94 31

Pho Bida Vietnam, 36 rue Nationale, 13th. 
Pho soup : 8 € 
tel : 01 53 79 01 61

Mémère Paulette, 5 rue Paul Lelong, 2nd. 
Sweet and sour gazpacho, in the menus and 16 € - 24 € 
tel : 01 42 36 26 08

Enjoy Paris this summer!!!

Bon voyage and Bon appetite!

Our top soup spots in Paris - Foodie Treats - My Little Paris

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