Paris - Fun Home Shopping at the BHV


Look at some of the humorous/colorful home items that I discovered on my last shopping outing in Paris at the BHV - Le Bazaar de l'Hotel de Ville. I think they would make lovely gifts or interesting conversation pieces?

If interested, they are made by a company named Pylones and they can be found in the main floor of BHV's department store, right next to their book department.

BHV is a much loved home goods store in central Paris where one can find just about anything for the home. To get there, take the Metro to the Hotel de Ville stop (Yellow line 1). Once outside of the Metro, look across the street from the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) and on the corner, you will see the main entrance of BHV. (photo enclosed)

Adress - 52 Rue de Rivoli (corner of Rue de Rivoli and Rue des Archives).

A dust Pan and Brush...

An Eiffel tower Grater...

Winged cups...(love these!)

A stapler in the shape of a skull...

Kitchen brushes...

Salt and Pepper Shakers...

Cat Nail Brushes...(various colors)...

Do you have a favorite store in Paris?

Geneva - Broken Chair Monument


Have you ever noticed as you drive in from the airport to the layover hotel in Geneva a monument of a giant chair with one leg missing in a small square? (photo enclosed). Ever wonder what it means?

On my last trip to Geneva I took a city tour that finally explained the meaning of the mysterious three legged chair.

The Broken Chair monument, represents the terrible destruction caused by land mines and cluster bombs on human lives (and limbs) all over the world. It measures 12 meters (or 39 feet) and it sits right in front of the main entrance of the United Nation's office in Geneva, Switzerland in the Place de Nations Square.

For more information on this amazing monument, check out the Wikipedia entry for The Broken Chair here :


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