FRANKFURT - The Jewish Museum


Frankfurt for a short layover? too tired for a long walk? head to the Jewish Museum, along the river, just an easy walk from our downtown hotel Ask your concierge for directions and head in the direction of the Old town and the Rommerplatz.

This tiny, but interesting museum, offers two floors of historical information ( in English and in German) of the city of Frankfurt and its Jewish residents from the middle ages to the present time.

One of the exhibits, recreates a 3-dimensional segment of a Jewish neighborhood in the old city, as it was in the middle ages, offering a unique perspective of the wood structures and narrow streets of the time.

After visiting the museum, you can relax or have a snack at the cute cafe on the main floor, and check out the adjacent gift and book shop - a nice destination for a quiet, or rainy afternoon.

Judisches Museum
Untermainkai 14-15
tel : 069-21235000
10-5 pm

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