Paris - Moet and Chandon Tour


Champagne lover? I'm not, but I know plenty of you who are, so for your next Paris visit, keep in mind you can book online (or call from the US) to reserve your place on a tour of the Moet & Chandon's Champagne Cellars right outside Paris. Now, wouldn't this be too cool? Even for me, a so, so Champagne drinker?

As per the info I have gathered about this little Paris side trip, there are three tours available daily.

- The Standard Tour is $20 dollars.
- The Visite -Imperiale is $35 dollars.
- The Visite Milesime, is $45.

Once you reach Moet&Chandon's property, you can stop by their boutique and stock up on some classy, champagne memorabilia.

To reach Moet&Chandon's cellars, you must first take the fast train to the nearby town of Epernay from The Gare d'Est. Round trip train tickets to Epernay cost around $92 dollars for First Class or $62 dollars for Second Class. Both, the ticket for the train and for the tour can be purchased together when you purchase your tour.

For more information on this - schedules, duration, prices, etc., please click on the (blue) link enclosed below and enjoy the bubbly! Salut!

Moet and Chandon Tour

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