10 Common Ordering Mistakes People Make in Paris - David Lebovitz

This is a great article by written by David Levovitz on "the most common mistakes people make in Paris".

10 Common Ordering Mistakes People Make in Paris - David Lebovitz.

Additional Possible Mistakes when ordering food in France, by me:

- When ordering kidneys from the menu ( if ever ) don't mistake Rognon (kidney) for
Rognons Blancs
- the latter are testicles.

- Don't confuse Riz (rice) for Ris - the second one is sweetbreads - pancreas.

- Poule is hen/ Poulet de Bress is free range chicken / Poularde is capon or fatted chicken /
Poussin is spring chicken.

- Potage is a thick soup / Soupe is soup / Consomme is broth / Bisque is chowder.

- Pomme is an apple / Pomme de Terre is a potatoe.

- Haricots Verts are green beans / Haricot de mer are small clams / Haricot de mouton
is a mutton stew.

- Glace is ice cream / Glace Cremeuse is ice cream / Glace de Poisson is fish sock / Glace
de Viande is concentrated meat stock.

- Fromage is cheese / Fromage de Tete is not cheese; its a sausage made from the the meat
of a pigs head cooked in gelatinous meat broth served cold (ewe!)

- Foie is liver / Foie de veau is claf's liver / Foie de Grand Mere is calf's liver sauteed with
onions, bacon and potatoes / Foie Grass is fattened goose liver / Foie Grass de Canard is
fattened duck liver.

- Escalope is not scallops, its a cutlet, as in veal cutlet / Coquille is scallops, as in Coquille St.

- American coffee is Cafe Elongee / Cafe Creme is coffee with cream / Cafe Frappe is iced
cofee / Cafe Glace is coffee ice cream or iced coffee / Cafe Noir is black coffee / Cafe
Expresso is expresso / Cafe is expresso / Cafe Decafiene is decaf.

- Boudin is blood sausage or "black pudding" / Boudin Blanc is white sausage / Boudin
is spicy blood sausage.

- Unless you specifically wish to eat these, stay away from ordering them:

- Abats or Abattis
- organ meats
- Cervelle - brains
- Cochon de Lait en Gele - suckling pig in aspic (gelatin)
- Hure de Porc - Pigs head
- Jambonneau - pigs knuckle
- Museau de Veau - calf's muzzle
- Panne de Porc - The fat from the kidneys of a pig
- Sanglier - wild boar
- Steak Tartare - raw ground beef served topped with a raw egg
- Tablier de Sapeur - Grilled breaded tripe
- Tete de Veau Vinagrette - calf's head with vinegar and oil dressing
- Tripe a la mode de Caen - Tripe baked with calf's feet (yum!)
- Tripes - Tripe in any form

I hope this helps you some to navigate the slippery road of ordering meals in France.
Bon Appetite!


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