Berlin Update - by Kayra Martinez


Berlin is a city with 3.4 million inhabitants (or 4.2
million if you count the suburbs as well) - but it's smaller
than you might think: Berlin is separated in the so called
"Bezirke" (Districts). There are 12 districts in Berlin and
every district is a small city on its own - but usually you
only hang out in about 3-4 districts (mostly Mitte,
Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg, Charlottenburg) at all. Lots of
people haven't set a single foot in one of the other
districts, as there is mostly no need to do so. :-) Knowing
these facts makes Berlin a lot smaller than it may appear.
Tip: Use Google Maps or <www.stadtplandienst.de> (more
detailed) for orientation.
You may have heard about the Kurfürstendamm, located in the
former west part of Berlin, as one of the main streets.
That's right, but: Nowadays, most hot spots are located in
the districts Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg (both in the former
east part of berlin). Especially nearly no hip club is
located in the former west part. So try to book a hotel in

My advice would be to book an apartment in Berlin and live like a local
also, lots of tips on this sight of some cultural highlights and places to eat.

Any more info please drop a mail, am happy to recommend places to go out
and to eat!
Enjoy Berlin!

Photos and text, courtesy of Kayra Martinez, current resident of Berlin.

Thank you Kayrita!

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