Moscow - An Amazing Cup of Hot Chocolate


If you're into drinking thick-as-mud, ebony black, delicious hot chocolate, the type that you can eat with a spoon, here's a wonderful little coffee shop near our layover hotel that serves a killer cup.

I can't pronounce the name of the place, but I'm enclosing the photo of their street sign so you can find it. Much like our Starbucks chain in the States, these coffee shops can be found all over Moscow. See if you can spot one as you walk around the city. They are not as expensive as Coffee Mania and they are very popular with the student crowds. The one near our hotel is located almost across the street from Coffee Mania, the trendy and expensive Cafe on Nikitskaya Street, an easy walk from our layover hotel.

To get there, head towards the Kremlin via Nikitskaya Street, pass the three street kiosks on the side walk that sell fruit and snacks across from Coffee Mania. As you go past the last kiosk, you will see the coffee shop in a basement location down brown carpeted steps . Go down and voila! you're there.
(picture enclosed of the steps and sign).

The Hot Chocolate come in three sizes - small, medium or large. I've only tried the small and the medium sizes and they're both decadent. Either size has plenty of hot chocolate and the price per cup is around 400 Rubles
( about $ 7 dollars).

Enjoy the luxury of dark, black hot thick chocolate in the winter! and if you have any Moscow recommendations you wish to share, please send them to us via postcards@me.com so we can publish them.

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Pushkin Museum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I Finally made it to the Pushkin museum in Moscow during my last layover. Wow! it was pretty impressive and interesting. Compact in size if compared to the Metropolitan in New York. More in size, like a small East Wing Gallery in the Smithsonian.

The Pushkin Musueum is located a couple of blocks away from the beautiful Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, a manageable walk (ven in -5 temperature) from the hotel.

The musuem consists of two separate buildings, one next to the other and the admission fee for each building is 300 Rubles in cash.

The main building, located in ....street, is a three floor structure of classical style architecture built around ....

Pushkin Museum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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