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I went biking last week in downtown DC and it was wonderful! I had forgotten how exhilarating it was to cruise freely past crowds and traffic while able to view gorgeous monuments, museums and Potomac river sights. So much to see guys! World class museums from the Smithsonian; Memorials and monuments; Historical sites; The White House; The Capitol building plus all the lovely green areas in The Mall.

Don't miss the brand new FDR Memorial on the Reflecting Pond. It's gorgeous and very moving. A must stop if you choose to do the bike thing. And then of course, there's spring. It's here in DC already, I swear! Two weeks ago I saw the buds on the Cherry Trees screaming to bloom. They were just, just there. One more week (or two) and they're in full bloom. So NOW is the moment guys, to catch this awesome display of color downtown in DC.

So where does one get a bike? Well, I have two suggestions for you. One offers you a bike with the option of a lock and/or a helmet (if you want). The other one does not. The first option is good for those who plan to make stops along the way. Maybe to view a new exhibit in The Smithsonian? You get my drift. So, here are the options.

OPTION ONE - Capital Bike Share - This is a new "bike sharing" program in the District of Columbia (downtown DC), that offers brand new bikes for rent by the hour, by the day or by the week, from a variety of stations in downtown DC. Check their website www.capitalbikeshare.com for prices and options. These are easy bikes to use/rent. I used one this past week, and it was a breeze to rent. All you'll need is a major credit card for the transaction and you're pretty much set to go. The first 30 minutes are free. Then, there's an additional charge every 30 minutes. Check their website for exact charges. The only draw back, as I mentioned before, is that these bikes don't offer a "lock up" option, other that to return them to another bike base station. Oh well. Otherwise they are great. Brand new and with three speeds. All you'll need to fly down the scenic bike paths of DC.

OPTION TWO - Rental bikes from Thompsons Boat House in Georgetown's waterfront. The bikes that are available for rent here, are less jazzy than the ones offered by Bike Share, but they are sturdy and comfortable cruising bikes. Also, you can ask for a lock, as I mentioned before, if you plan to stop along the way. This will give you a little more freedom to wander around the sites "sans" bike (with out the bike). Something to think about. I'm enclosing a photo of Thompsons Boathouse's board with rental charges below. You can also rent Kayaks if you're feeling adventuresome! The boathouse is located right next to the Georgetown Marina (to the left if you're looking directly at the Potomac). The Marina, is a great waterfront spot filled with trendy restaurants, popular with the locals, specially, during sunny days. Worth a visit!

So there you go. It's your decision, Boathouse bikes or Shared Bikes. Both good options. Don't miss out and get out there to see the city from a completely different perspective, One that I promise, you will always remember and you will most definitely enjoy!

For more info on Capital Bike Share, click on the blue link enclosed below and enjoy! And remember, it's real easy to get a bike in DC and it's a fun way to get around guys!!!

PS- If you want to check out both bike options before renting, go to the Georgetown Marina. There's a Shared Bikes station right in front of the Danish Embassy, in the alley, steps away from Thompson Boat House (photo of map enclosed).

Capital Bikeshare

Photos, courtesy of Capital Bike Share's website.


Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel


Dulles Commuters! Pay attention! A great airline rate is being offered to Dulles commuters by the Crown Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel. The rate of $40.00 (forty dollars) per night is available, if you call them directly and they have the rooms.

What do you get for these $40.00 dollars? Well, according to Thom Cross (UALSW), a Florida commuter and a frequent contributor to this blog, you will stay in a very nice property near the airport with free Internet access via the hotel's business center, plus free airport transportation. Tom claims there's a supermarket right across the street in case you need some groceries and about twenty restaurants and several movie theaters steps away from the hotel. It also has a fitness center and it offers a late Check-out at 2:00pm for no extra charge. In addition, you can earn points in their frequent stay program which entitle you to future discounts on additional hotel stays. It's really an awesome deal for our Dulles commuters! Thank you Tom!!!

If you decide to give this a try, call the hotel directly to see if they have the space at the $40.00 rate for the dates you have in mind. Their direct number is: 703-471-6700

For additional information on this hotel, click on the (blue) link below or go to the Dulles Crown Plaza Hotel's official website at: www.cpdulles.com and enjoy your stay!

Do you have any recommendations for your co-workers? your favorite hotels, travel deals? reasonably priced restaurants or cafes, etc.? If you do, drop us a line with the information and we will be glad to post it and share it with our readers.

Thank you in advance for your contributions and happy flying!

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Pura Vida Adventures - Costa Rican's Premier Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat


Do you want to learn to surf in Costa Rica? Or perhaps you'd rather practice yoga in a peaceful, tropical, beach setting as the sun sets? Look no further! I've got you covered.

Pura Vida Adventures in Costa Rica, offers surf and yoga retreats in their beach front property in Malpais beach - a "scenic village" on the Pacific Coast. You can sign up solo, with a bunch of girls, or as a couple for a week long stay full of daily surf (and/or yoga )classes with local experts. Practice your Spanglish, sample the local food, hike in nearby national parks or simply relax in their peaceful, tropical, beach front setting.

Pura Vida offers all inclusive packages - daily surf lessons, three meals a day, hikes to nearby parks plus accommodations - for around $2,000 to $2,500 per week. Too expensive for me right now, but hey, maybe sometime in the future.

If interested in more information on Pura Vida's Surf Retreats, please check their website - www.puravidaadventures.com - or click the enclosed (blue) link below for additional information and to check the testimonials and photos of previous visitors. Maybe one day, in the not so distant future, we will be posting our photos too!

Pura Vida Adventures - Costa Rican's Premier Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat, Womenn's Surf Spa, Surf Vacations, Luxury Yoga and Surf Holiday, Surf Yoga

My View from 30,000 Feet


Wow, another blog (website) written by a Flight Attendant, one of our peeps! and it's a really cool site! Bravo chica! Please visit her site My View from 30,000 by clicking on the enclosed (blue) link below or go directly to her site www.myviewfrom30000feet.blogspot.com and support her efforts!

A sample post from her website is included in the link enclosed. It covers "items one must bring on a trip to be comfortable". A very informative post and it's spot-on with the suggestions!

My View from 30,000 Feet

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