Beijing Part II - Pearl Market Information

This is Part II of a series of informational articles we are posting about Beijing. This one covers the Pearl Market and its adjacent markets. It includes invaluable information about the where, how and which vendors to shop from to get the best quality and the best deals. There's also additional information on transportation, food and other services available around the area.

Print this before you leave for Beijing. It will come in very handy. By the way, this list was generously put together by our more senior and experienced Beijing crews. Thanks guys for sharing the wisdom and the good deals!

This is what our more experienced crews recommend (copied from their printout almost word by word):

When bartering, take the price they first offer you and make a very low counter offer. Example, if given an initial price of 1200rmb's, rebut with 50rmb's. Be prepared to walk away. Remember to keep it a win/win deal with the sales people, they work seven days a week and operate on small margins of profit. Vendors cannot sell outside their stall, so be aware that when you enter a stall, that's when you can start bartering. If you feel like you got a good deal, then you probably did and if the noise of the sales people shouting their offers bothers you, wear a set of iPod headphones. They'll think you can't hear them and they will desist. I've tried this and it really works.

Toilets - The toilets are on the first or the fifth floor of the main Pearl Market building. Carry Kleenex to use as toilet paper and take a wash cloth and a bath gel from the hotel to wash your hands and disinfectant wipes.

Taxi - Do not take a taxi from the stand in front of the Pearl Market ( I wonder why? anyone know?)
Chinese Restaurant - The one across the street from the Taxi stand in front of the Pearl Market is excellent. (name? color of door? anyone know?) Wash your hands in the toilet rooms in the Pearl Market before you go. Try the cold cucumbers, fried green beans, shoe string potatoes (awesome), orange glazed fish, cashew chicken, the broccoli with garlic, and the stir fried beef. It's very inexpensive, but they serve good quality food.

Pick up time (for return) to Hotel - 1pm only!!

New Pearl Market vendors - Tianya Hongqiao Market
(building next to Pearl Main Pearl Market , attached to 5 storied Toy Store and across an alley)

- Basement Level - Ting Ting ( watches)
- Third Floor - C3 - 36 - Sherry's (jewelery)
- Third Floor - On the side wall - Lisa (jewelery)
- Third Floor - C3 - 30 - Cindy's - (jewelery)
- Third Floor - C2 - 20 - Emilie - (Tiffany)
- Third Floor - C5 - 19 - Alice - (jewelery)
- Third Floor - Top of escalator - Maggies ( jewelery)
- Fourth Floor - Bobo's
Toy Store - ( 5 floors)
- Toys on 1st floor
- Boxes and bags of 2nd floor

Main Pearl Market - Hongqiao Market -
- Stevens Electronics - 1st floor #158 - (iPods, cameras, batteries, English, no barter)
- Cathy's Pearls - 5th floor (best place for pearls, gemstones and crystals, English, safe for
Credit Cards, great quality of work, no barter.
- Debbie's Jewelery - 4th floor, #4328
- Jenny's scarfs and Pashminas - 1st floor, #199 - (English, no bartering)

TinHua Office Building -
(a separate building across an alley, behind The New Pearl Market and the Toy Store in opposite direction of the -main- Pearl Market building)

- Bobo's -
- Su Yi's - #
- Monica's -

Jewelery Market (next to KFC - down steps and up some stairs - access from the street)
- Up stairs - Tommy & Susan's

Thank you once again to Pam Nooney (dcasw) for sharing all this wonderful information with us!

Now, get your comfy shoes on and go shopping! and if you have any recommendations about Beijing, please share them with us so we can post them for all to read. Send your stories to postcards@me.com. Don't forget to share this with others so we can grow and have fun!

ps- Brenda Dismuke's (dcasw) response/ comments about the above post :

"I read the Beijing posting and for the question on there here is my response.
The reason for not taking a taxi in front of the Pearl Market is that they do not use their meters. They want to give you a price and it is never a good one. Always ask for the meter to be used or get out of their taxi.

Also good vendors in the Pearl Market for jewelry are:

1. JING - on the 3rd floor (she has lots of different styles and can make you anything that you want by description or a picture) and right beside her is

2. NANCY - she used to work at Sharon's Pearls, a store upstairs that is much more expensive and worked with all the crews at that came to shop at that store. She sells great quality pearls at great prices.

Tell them both you are United and friends of Brenda and Nancy's. "

Thanks Brenda!!!!


John said...

The name of the restaurant is "The Brown Door." It is very, very good.

John said...

I travel to BJ quite often. The shops mentioned here are those I've used for a while now. Ken's Pearl on the 4th floor of the Pearl Market is wonderful, too. Ken and his wife are just really, really nice people. They will also exchange money for you with no fee. They accept charge cards. I've also order things from Ken when back in the States and never had a problem.

Last time in BJ I had dental issues. One of the best dental offices I've ever been in, with technology superior to most offices in the States, is King's Dental Tel. 01084580388. Everyone in the office including the dentists speak very good English. Their prices were more than reasonable. Hopefully, no one will need their services, but ... in case you do ...

Lastly, I'm not an airline personnel. I travel to BJ working with children, combating human trafficking and sharing Christ with the Chinese. I'm grateful for those airline personnel who take such good care of me when I travel. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just returned from Beijing. Flew there for many years until after the Olympics. My first two trips back since 2009 were this month. I am UAL Crew - ORDSW. I have to say that all the pearls I have purchased there regardless of vendor have appraised from 2 - 10 times more in value. $70. for $700, $200 akoya for $1200. the only problem have been the latches. Not all the 14K latches are such (some are) so get the jeweler's loop and look for the 14K mark. Not too many flight attendants shop at Sharon's any more some believed they were shamed, however, Sharon's still has the best assortment of 14k latches (which cost a lot more in US and increase the value of the pearl necklace). Nancy is great however she shows the f/a's the lower quality pearls. She shows business men the best quality. (Not always a great price difference either) When I asked her why she said most f/a's don't want the AAA, AAAA best grades. But shouldn't she ask them as much as they spend there. At any rate she is about to burst the baby is due any day (it's a boy) so anyone wanting to give her a shout out do it now.

Anonymous said...

the restaurant name is the Brown door across from the pearl

Anonymous said...

I heard Lisa Jewelry moved to the subway market by the Silk Market. Does anyone know which stall in the Pearl Market Nancy is in?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have Jing or Nancy's email or phone number? I'd like to put in an order before I arrive. Thank you for all this information, they're all very helpful.

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