Divia Shoes - Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Divia Shoes from Buenos Aires are Di-vine! I spotted their creative shoe collection some time back as I surfed their website and their fan page in Facebook, so I could hardly wait to see (touch and try) their shoes in person on my next visit to Argentina.

Fast forward to my last trip to Buenos Aires this past week and voila! I finally made it there! I visited their minuscule, jewel like shop in the trendy area of Palermo Soho where each shoe is displayed like a piece of art beautifully crafted and originally designed.

Mind you, these are not cheap shoes (they cost between $150 to $200 a pair), but they are small works of art. So creative, colorful and pretty, I could almost see framing them like art and loving them like"Carrie Bradshaw" from Sex in the City loved her designer shoes.

If you wish to see this lovely collection, which by the way, is already being sold in Japan, please visit Divia's official website at www.diviashoes.com - You can also find them in Facebook under Divia Shoes.

I had my heart set on a cute pair named Little Bird - T-straps with a comfortable medium size heel and a pretty embroidery of a bird - sadly, they did not have them anymore! boo! End of season Blues! I moved on to a pair named Fairy Shoe in Silver - same height, minus the Bird - It was gone in my size as well, grrr! Fortunately, they had my size in the third choice, a pair named Liberty (photo enclosed). Not too bad for trying to shop at the end of the season when most sizes of shoes are already gone. By the way, if you like a pair of shoes that they no longer have in your size, they promise they will make you a pair to order.

Do you have a favorite shoe store in Buenos Aires? Tell us about it we'd love to hear your story. Write to us at postcards@me.com and enjoy this post!

Armenia 1489
Buenos Aires, Argentina
11am to 8pm
(excluding Sundays)


Anonymous said...

Totally AGREE with U Liz, this shoes are a Piece of Art and yes u are totally right about the price, they are expensive but worth it!!
The shoes u bought Look AMAZING and every pair is UNiQUE, so worth the visit and the dream to have them all!!! Dream out loud!!
Good for U Liz, they look lovely. The size thing was a bummer but well guess we need to find out when they have bigger and normal sizes like 7 1/2, 8 and 8 1/2.
BESOS and I dont know how to comment like ME...LINDA W.!!!

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