More Flight Attendant Travel Blogs!

Here are two great crew travel blogs written by Flight Attendants. Both contain useful travel information for our trips, each written in it's own special way. Take a minute to visit these sites and support the work of your Flight Attendant co-workers. Don't forget to save the links for future reference. Once you're done, pass the information on. That's how we help them grow.

Globetrek - (www.globetrek.org) - This crew travel blog was started by Robert Roach, a DCA based Flight Attendant. Robert, a self described travel photo journalist, publishes articles about his own travel experiences around the world and illustrates them with his own photos. The photos, by the way, can be purchased right from his site. Don't miss the photo gallery. There are some wonderful shots.

His blog also includes helpful links for travel, like currency conversion charts, weather reports, travel movies, etc. Feel free to browse through Roberts blog by clicking here or by following him through his Globetrek Facebook page.

Thanks Robert for sharing your travel adventures with us!

Airline Layovers - (www.airlinelayovers.com) - Our second crew-site, "airline layovers" was created by one of our own Flight Attendants based in DCA, but she chooses to remain anonymous. Her blog, which she claims it's really not a blog, but just an information site, provides brief "Cheat Sheets" with place specific information about some of our international layover, destinations.

What kind of valuable information do the sheets include? they have directions to the nearest reasonably priced restaurant to your layover hotel, to the nearest ATM or supermarket, cultural details about the city, like the language that is spoken and the currency that is used plus much, much more.

So next time you find yourself racing to your next international layover with out a clue about your destination, hit the computer before your briefing and visit this site. Access the necessary quick "life-line" or information sheet about the city you're about to visit and rest assured, you'll have at least some idea about the basics for your destination before you get there.

To reach her site to take a look now, click here and remember, once you visit, pass the information on so we can support her research and work.

Thank you miss "airline layovers" for providing us with such valuable help for our layovers!


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