Nice Walk In Bahrain

I just returned from doing a quick turn to Bahrain this past week. During our four hour sit, I decided to venture out for a wonderful walk around the lagoon that sits behind the airport's Movenpick Hotel.

I began my walk by accessing the lagoon path from the right side of the Movenpick Hotel. Once on the path, I walked veered to the right. Remember, the temperature in the Middle East during the months of January, February, March is perfect for a walk - cool and breezy most of the day.

While walking, I came across a nice city park along the water that had a playground, a pretty water fountain, a couple of waterfront cafes and some fast food - popcorn, sodas, ice cream providers - street providers. Some of the shops were closed, maybe because it was late afternoon, but most of them were open for business. Who knew there were so many food options along the water?

Some of the options I found were a Coffee Shop, a Hamburger Shop along the water and a new small restaurant still under construction, also located on the water right after the Hamburger joint. This last place looked to be only a couple of weeks from opening to the public with furniture in place. All three options are nice alternatives for accessing food/snacks outside of our layover hotel and really, only a short walk away.

So there you have it, as I ventured out to get some fresh air and exercise in Bahrain, I discovered these new options for food near our layover hotel. I also walked the whole perimeter of the lagoon - a great exercise and really, very doable and safe for both, women and men while in Bahrain.

Next time you're you're scheduled to fly the Bahrain turn, with it's long four hour plus sit, remember this option. Head out to the lagoon, walk a bit, get some fresh air, relax and grab a bite to eat along the water.

For women, please just observe the local modesty norms for clothing and please wear something that is not too revealing. If in doubt, ask the concierge of your hotel before you head out for your walk, if your outfit is appropriate just to be on the safe side.

Enjoy your walk and happy trails!


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