MOSCOW - A Great Tour Guide for Moscow!

Private (reasonably priced) Tour Guide in Moscow - NIKA SPASSKAYA. She's a professional trained Tour Guide for Moscow and she's able to set up private day time tours for crews.

Nika is very sweet and friendly and she speaks perfect English. (she learned it while attending university in Penn State for a year).

She has experience working with our crews, so give her a call to take you by the hand and show you around.

By the way, Nika also has access to a car (her boyfriend's), if one is necessary to visit sites away from the city center. Just give her some notice via email before you arrive to set this up.

To reach Nika, call her mobile - 8-903-259-7337 or drop her a note via email at spasnika@yandex.ru

Enjoy your guided visit! and let us know how it all went!


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