Argentina -ARKAKAO Gelato in Buenos Aires

Elegant European Cafe setting and delicious ice cream! ARKAKAO GELATO in Buenos Aires. A must for a taste of authentic "home-made" Italian ice cream in Recoleta. ARKAKAO, a brand originally from Italy, has recently opened it's new locale a couple of blocks away from Ave 9 de Julio (the wide avenue with the obelisk).

Arkakao comes to Buenos Aires with the promise of serving delicious ice creams that are prepared daily with out chemicals, artificial colors, or additives. They also offer to deliver these yummy treats to your home or hotel room. So next time you're in Buenos Aires, make a b-line for this beautifully refurbished Parisian Style mansion where they serve delicious Italian Gelato ice-cream in style.

Some notable flavors served by ARKAKAO are Dark Chocolate with orange; Dark Chocolate with cinnamon; Vanilla from Tahiti; Caramel Flan and Dulce de Leche. Mmm, mmm, delicioso!

Arkakao's location in Recoleta also offers an interior garden room setting and a couple of tables on the sidewalk for those who prefer to enjoy their ice creams outdoors.

Quintana Ave 188
Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Thank you Elsa!!!


Carla said...

In Argentina most ice creams come from Italy or have an Italian receipe because they inherited their culture. I tried the most exquisit ice cream in this place called Persicco. The Buenos Aires temporary rent I had was near it so my dessert was always ice-cream, you should try the one with Dulce de Leche, a typical and tasty creammy one!

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