Moscow - Museum Of Gulag History

The Museum of Gulag History in Moscow, is a tiny museum wedged between upscale shops and cafes, near the Bolshoi theater in downtown Moscow.

Like a "small house of horrors", this museum documents a tragic chapter in Russian history (most active during the Stalin era) when millions of Russian citizens where forced into brutal Siberian labor camps when suspected of being "enemies of the State". These camps were active during the years of 1918 through 1988.

To find the museum, please follow Brenda Skeen's (DCASW) directions - she was there this past week and claims that her visit was well worth it and her experience, very powerful. To locate the museum, "...take the street to the right of the Bolshoi Theater, pass the theater and several blocks past the TSUM department store...(you'll find the museum)...tucked in between a lot of swank stores on the right side...you can't miss it if you look for the barbed wire". (thank you Brenda!)

If you wish to learn a bit more about the "Gulags" before you go, I recommend you visit this impressive site produced by the University of George Mason. (link follows)
It's called Gulag - Many Days, Many Lives and it's a compilation of Gulag survivor interviews, short films, photographs, paintings, poems and stories from survivors of the Gulags.
Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives | Days and Lives

Museum of Gulag History
16 Petrovka, Moscow
Entry Fee - $1.20

Photo and story, courtesy of Brenda Skeen (DCASW). Thank you Brenda!


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