Paris - The Chamade Cafe

There a Brasserie near our layover hotel that serves "quality food" for a Pris-Fixe of $27 Euros. This is the fixed priced menu that includes several courses and beverages. The name of this wonderful place is the Chamade Cafe which is located on 42 Bis, Avenue De Suffren, just steps away from our layover hotel.

The Chamande Cafe is probably a perfect dinner destination choice for an occasion when you don't feel like venturing out too far from the hotel while in Paris, but you wish to eat well for a decent price.

This recommendation comes from CC and Diane Donahue, both DC based Flight attendants with extensive experience in Paris. Diane was based in Paris for many years, so I feel, we can trust her judgement on this. Thanks ladies! I can't wait to try it! The place sure looks (sounds) enticing!

The Chamande Cafe
is open daily from 8am to 11pm and their telephone number is:

42 BIS, Avenue de Suffren
75015 Paris

Photo, courtesy of Chamade Cafe's website


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