Ghana Travel Guide by Better World Books

Ghana, Ghana, I don't wanna! well, even if you don't "wanna", some of us do have to fly to beautiful Ghana for work. If you are one of these people, consider buying this Ghana travel guide written by Briggs Philip that was recommended by one of our crew members, Diane Donahue (dcasw). Thank you Diane!

Described by the Sunday Times as the "best guide book to Ghana" and by Elle Magazine as the "best guide to Ghana", it can be purchased by mail via Better World Books for $21 dollars plus shipping - $3.97.

For more information on this website and this Ghana guide book, please click on the following link. Travel Books: Bradt Ghana by Briggs, Philip: Better World Books and don't forget to take you malaria pills!! Four crew members, two pilots and two flight attendants have already been infected with ACUTE MALARIA. They did not take the malaria pills.

Thanks Diane for the tip and Thank you Better World Books and Google Photos for the photos enclosed.


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