World "Luxe City Guides" for your iPhone

Wow, I just discovered (courtesy of Jeffries Blackerby from the Travel Section of the New York Times) that my favorite travel guides - The Luxe City Guides - are now available as applications for the iPhone. Hurray!

For those of you who are not familiar with these amazing travel guides, you can check my earlier post on the paper travel guide version via this link. POSTCARDS FROM THE AIR: TRAVEL GEAR - The Irreverently Hip "Luxe City Guides"

The folks at Luxe City Guides now have twenty city guides ready for downloading for your iPhone via iTunes for $5.99 each - half their usual price until February 2011!!!

I haven't purchased one yet, but right after posting this, I will do a quick search to see what cities they have published thus far. These guides promise to be "cheeky", "funny" and "irreverent". Plus, they now come loaded with handy GPS enabled maps, automatic downloads and the ability to build your own personalized itineraries based on your favorite selections.

Also, for you Balckberry users, I hear that the applications are on the works and being tested as we speak, so keep checking for availability. They're on the way!


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