TRAVEL GEAR - The Irreverently Hip "Luxe City Guides"

Have you heard of these hip and funny, razor-sharp city guides called the Luxe City Guides?. If you haven't, put on your seat belts boys and girls, you're on for a wild ride!  

The New York Times describes them as having "achieved...cult status" and as "exacting & opinionated and deliciously bitchy";  Vanity Fair recommends them as "compulsory in flight reading"; and The Times UK calls them "Sex and The City". 

Titillated yet? if interested, visit their website, they are growing fast. I purchased a pack of three guides about 5 months ago, when they only had a handful of options in their list of city guides.  Today, I found over 20! and more in the works. Clearly, they are hitting a nerve!  and they are expanding fast.  

The guides are small and very compact. About the width of CD hard case and about half its size. They open up like an accordion with loads of information and are easy to tote around.  

You can purchase one guide for $10 dollars, or three for $27.  Check out their web page here and join in. Once you purchase their guides, you are entitled to periodic updates via the Internet - So cool!

Happy Trails!

(photos, courtesy of Luxe City Guides)


mslynnflys said...

i love it! can't wait to get my mitts on some! beijing awaits!

Lizzie in the sky with diamonds... said...

Pick the three pack - nice to have a series of them, of cities of your choice. Cant wait to see your Beijing. I have Rome, Paris and Dubai.

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