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Not too long ago I posted a story about an amazing company that makes sandals for sore feet named FlipFlops. See attached link for a copy of the previous post.POSTCARDS FROM THE AIR: SHOES FOR TRAVEL - Comfy FitFlops

Well, I'm happy to report that this company which began production with just one pair of flip flops a couple of years ago, is now cranking out some pretty amazing winter shoes - beautiful tall leather boots, fur lined suede boots (like UGGS) and colorful clogs.

All of FitFlop's shoes are specially designed to align your body as you walk, relieve your aching feet when you wear their shoes and they're supposed to exercise your thighs and rear as you walk with them. Pretty miraculous claims, but if you read the testimonials on their official website at www.fitflop.com, you'll see that folks with chronic medical foot problems are singing them praises and begging for more.

So if you are like me (or like most flight attendants) and you suffer from chronic aching feet after years of miles of trekking across the globe, you may want to take a minute and inspect these shoes. They seem to be the perfect layover shoes, offering great support for your aching feet. I know the hot pink clogs have my number. See if any of their new winter models have yours.

Safe Travels and happy feet!


Photos, courtesy of FitFlop's website.


lizzie from the air... said...

FitFlop's also makes the most comfortable sandals for summer wear. They're not the prettiest looking sandals, but your feet will be humming with comfort for hours on end! No sore feet after hours of walking, I promise!

lizzie from the air... said...

I just got myself a pair of Orthaheel from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. It was expensive for a pair of flip flop looking sandals with no glam... But they took off 20 years off my feet. (by Angela C)

Anonymous said...

Teva for long hauls. Bought them for everyone. They passes the Disney World test! (by Scott Harris)

raj mangal said...

They're not the prettiest looking sandals, but your feet will be humming with comfort for hours on end..thanks for sharing here..
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