The FitFlop is a great sandal for heavy duty walking. It looks like a combination between a flip flop and one of those thick-soled Earthshoes of the 70's, remember them? Not too attractive, but heavenly on your feet. In addition, they promise to "give you a workout while you walk". I like the sound of that.

FitFlops are popular around the world. I have seen them in Dubai, in Miami Beach and in the streets of Paris. Customers rave about their FitFlops. They claim they reduce chronic backaches, they improve body posture, re-energize tired legs and they help with loss of weight. Tempted yet?

For more about FitFlops or where to get them, visit the official FitFlop website by clicking on the following link. FITFLOP - The Official Site � Our range and see if they're something you'd want for your sore feet.

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fit flop said...

I bought mine the day before traveling to Nola and walked in them for three days straight! The first day my calves were sore but after that they felt great! I get compliments on them everywhere I go, and they have kept my feet very healthy. I have plantar facility and need a shoe with arch support and heel support. I also have tendonitis in my knees. I also run, spin, lift weights and stay fit…bought these because they looked cute and seemed sensible for my foot issues. The weight loss claims are silly, but the other aspects of the shoes are great. They look a bit more upscale than straight-up flipflops and they don’t wreck your feet. How great is that?

womens sport sandals said...

these looks fo comfort. i am looking for sandals that Will load lots of walking. i go for a travel and i must by sandals that do the job. can someone help me?

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