Paris : A Rat Runs Over the Prepared Food! at the Monoprix!!!

Yesterday, on my return flight from Paris, a crew member told me a shocking story. She claimed that while shopping at the Monoprix by the hotel with two other crew members, they saw a huge rat (about 12 inches long!!!) running over the prepared foods glass case in broad daylight.

After getting over their initial shock, one of them photographed the rat - not the photo above. With this in hand, they approached a Monoprix employee to show her what they had seen/photographed.

The employee's response? "Oh, yeah, that happens all the time"!!! Ewe!!!! Nasty, Disgusting!!! Incredible!!

So Buyer beware! If you shop at the Monoprix, stick to wines and frozen foods or risk finding rat parts in your food. Ugh!

FYI - The Monoprix in question is the one located on Blvd. de Grenelle, right below the Metro rails, near the Dlupeix Metro Station.


Ranjeet said...

I have been to paris during my college trip.We took halt at "Ku Cafe" for refreshment.I along with my friends ordered coffee.While i was waiting for coffee,it somehow happened that i looked below the table and shock to see 2 rats..lol.I didn't react to them but one of the girl from our group yelled out and whole cafe was messed up.It was nice experience which remind me because of your rat pic.By the way rat is cute.

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