Zurich - Day Trip to Luzern

The trip from Zurich to Luzern is easy and totally worth it. You can
purchase a return Zurich HB - Mr. Pilatus all-inclusive ticket for
about CHF 115 per person, 2nd class. This includes a return train trip
from Zurich HB to Luzern HB (trains run about every 30 minutes and
take 45 minutes.

It also includes the bus from Luzern HB to Kriens (Bus #1 to Kriens -
get off at the Mt. Pilatus stop) and the tickets for the gondola,
for the tramway and the cog railway and the train back to Luzern HB.
You can also include the boat ride on Lake Luzern if you have the time.

NB: the ticket also includes CHF 10 worth of food at the top of Mt.
- didn't realize this until we were back in Zurich and I
translated the German on one of our tickets!

We went at the beginning of September, and the weather was glorious!
Obviously, the best time to do this is in the summer months, and I
believe that some of the different parts are closed in the winter. Go


for more information.

All in all, we did the entire round-trip from Zurich in about 5 hours,
leaving at 1:00 pm and back in Zurich at 6:00 pm and were never rushed
at all. If you have time, do a walking tour of Luzern - it's a
beautiful city in its own right and the architecture is charming.

Happy Landings!

Thomas Cross

Story and photos by Thomas Cross (dcasw)
(Thank You Tom!)


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