Geneva - Mont Saleve - Awesome Day Trip!

I just returned from the most fantastic day trip outside of Geneva to Mt. Saleve - A scenic mountain that is part of the pre-Alps mountain range that is located on the border with France. It's only a 15 minutes bus ride away from downtown Geneva by public bus #8.

On a clear day, you will get the most amazing view of Geneva from the top of Mt. Saleve. It's also a very popular launching spot for colorful kite/wind surfers and a well known starting point for hikers and mountaineers.

To get to Mt. Saleve, walk from our hotel to the main bridge that crosses to the downtown area of Geneva. Before crossing the bridge, locate the bus stop for the #8 bus right on the corner before the bridge. For the bus, use your complimentary hotel tram/bus ticket and make sure you're going in the right direction. Your bus should be heading towards the old town in Geneva and should cross the bridge after you get on. Ride the bus to it's last stop. You will now be in France. Get off the bus and look towards the mountain in front of you to orient yourself and you will see the cable cars that climb up the mountain in the distance.

Follow the street signs posted to guide you to the cable car station. Once there, you can purchase your cable car tickets at the booth. Tickets run around $12 dollars per person for a round trip ticket. Have your camera ready. It's a pretty cool ride up the mountain.

Once you reach the top, you can either hike around the mountain on it's many well marked trails or you can simply relax in the scenic lodge or veranda overlooking Geneva. If you're feeling adventuresome you can hire the services of one of the many Kite surfing outfits that launch from the mountain and literally "jump off a cliff". (with a guide, of course). This is exactly what our brave Captain Fritz did to celebrate his birthday when we went to Mont. Saleve. Bravo Fitz! I'm still mad at myself for not going for it like you did!

Be sure to keep track of time. There is a last cable car to the bottom. Be sure to make it, or else you're gonna have to hike it down. Enjoy the fabulous views from the top of Mount Saleve, have a beer at the veranda's outdoor restaurant and take in the fresh alpine air. You will be awed by the amazing views - the spectacular green valleys, the snowy mountains in the distance and a clear view of Lake Geneva from the top.

For more information about Mt. Saleve, please check the enclosed link from Wikipedia.
Sal�ve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bon Boyage!

PS- Dress in layers and with comfortable shoes. It gets cooler up there!


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