PARIS - Great Book About the History of Paris

Paris, The Secret History by Andrew Hussey is a fascinating book about Paris and a great read. It's specially enjoyable if you love Paris like I do or if you're planning to visit The City of Light anytime soon.

The UK Times describes the book as "...delightful and entertaining...endlessly informative and entertaining...". The New York Times says it's "...urban history..about artisans, criminals, conspirators, prostitutes, priests, immigrants, and intellectuals...emperors, kings and presidents...". The Philadelphia Inquirer claims it's "...a tremendously entertaining read.." and the Wall Street Journal writes that "...after reading Paris you will never see Europe's most beautiful city the same way...".

So if you love everything about Paris like I do, give this book a try. You'll probably find it deliciously captivating like I did.


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