Moscow - Get your Russian Fur Hat

(DCA crew in Moscow photographed)

Many of you have written to ask me questions about buying a Russian fur hat. Where do I get one, what kind of furs are these hats made from and how much do they cost?

Well, here's the skinny on the Russian hats. You can find fur hats for sale in several locations around Moscow. One of the most accessible spots is right in front of the entry gate to Red Square. As you approach the ancient metal entry gates, you will see several the free standing, souvenir stalls. Some of these sell Russian fur hats.

A second good option is Old Arbat Street. This is a pedestrian mall with in walking distance from our downtown layover hotel (ask concierge for directions) where there are several nice souvenir shops that stock a wide selection of fur hats for reasonable prices.

One last spot and perhaps the least explored, is the gift shop in the main floor of our layover hotel. To find the shop, walk past the elevators in the lobby level and then make a quick right. The shop is on the right side of the hall about 10 steps down. The last time I was there, they had a nice selection of fur hats and they were very reasonably priced, so take a look here before heading out in search of the perfect fur hat.

By the way, most of the "Russian" hats sold to tourists, are made of rabbit fur. These are NOT the same hats that local Russians wear. They may look similar, but the real Russian hats are made of more expensive furs and they cost way more! Lots more!

Hats for tourists come in various sizes and colors and cost anywhere from $30 dollars to $50 dollars, depending on how well you bargain and on how many hats you decide to purchase.

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Photo, courtesy of Angela Curlee (dcasw)


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