MOSCOW - Must Applications for your iPhone

There are several iPhone Applications that will make your trip to Moscow a breeze. They are the following:

-The Russian Alphabet - This is helpful Application for when you're trying to read anything while in Russia. Their Cyrillic alphabet is as confusing as Chinese writing. Made by Proffit Ink ($1.99).

-Moscow Subway 2010 - This is one of my favorite travel iPhone Applications. It's very easy to use and it's in English! A major plus in Russia, believe me. It contains colorful diagrams of all the metro lines and stops in the Moscow Subway system so you'll never get lost if your choose to ride it. Made by Asteria ($2.99).

-SpeakEasy Russian - An fun Application that tells you in short recordings and by category, how to say all the essentials, "hi, good bye, where's my beer", etc. Very useful in a country where few speak English. Made by Benjamin McDowell ($3.99)

-Moscow Street Map - A map of Moscow Application with options like "tell me where I am" and where I can find the nearest ATM, Bank, etc. - very useful in a country where all directions are written in Cyrillic. Made by Dubbele.com ($1.99)

All these iPhone Applications were generously shared with us by Phil Schmoeller, IAD Flight Officer for UAL. Thanks Phil!

If you have any travel questions or suggestions about Moscow or any other travel destination, share them with us and write to postcards@me.com. We'd love to hear from you!


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