A Little Bit of India at Maharaja Restaurant - Moscow

On my last trip to Moscow, I joined the crew at The Maharaja, a fantastic Indian restaurant near Red Square. I learned about this restaurant from Phil, our first officer. He found Maharaja the previous week while he walked the streets of Kitai Gorod. At the time, he decided to eat his dinner there and loved it, so much, that he couldn't wait to get back there for more the following week and invited us to come along.

Well, Phill was right! the restaurant was wonderful. Thanks Phill! The service was attentive and welcoming ( a rarity in Moscow), and the food was really tasty. In a city best know
n for hard staring waiters, difficult to read menus and high prices, The Maharaja was such a pleasant surprise. They served great food, had a friendly staff and the prices were reasonable - We spent about $30 dollars each (excluding alcohol).

If you want to eat at The Maharaja, it's not hard to find. About a 20 minutes walk from our layover hotel, it's just off Red Square (about 6 blocks away). Make a left on the street right at the end of the GUM Department store. This street turns into Pokrova Utilisa. Maharaja is located right off Pokrova, in a tiny street that crosses Pokrova Utilisa called Starodsadski. This street is between a Gourmet Supermarket on the right side of Pokrova and a light blue church. Turn right into this small street, walk about 10 steps and on your left, you will find the entry door for Maharaja.

Passport to Moscow food critics claim that the Maharaja serves the best Curry west of Dubai! I can tell you that my Chicken Tika was delicious!

Maharaja's address is: 2/1 Pokrova, Kitai Gorod. Make sure the concierge writes the address in Russian before you leave the hotel so you can ask for directions in case you get lost. To get there, you can either walk from the hotel or take the Metro to the Kitai-Gorod stop.

The Maharaja accepts credit cards, their staff speaks English and they have English menus (what a relief!). A major plus for Moscow, I promise!

Have a great meal!

The Maharaja Restaurant
2/1 Pokrova
Kitai Gorod
(open from noon to 11pm)


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