How to Order the Perfect Coffee In Argentina

If you're a coffee drinker, this handy list of coffees will help you order the perfect cup of joe while in Buenos Aires. It's written and published by this fun Argentinian English Blog you may want to visit, called "beyond empanadas".

The list, according to them, goes as follows:

.." a cafe - is a small expresso in Argentina
...a cortado - is a small expresso with a few drops of steamed milk
...a cortado jarrito - is a cortado in a larger cup
...a lagrima - steamed milk with a few drops of coffee
...a lagrima jarrito - the same, but in a larger cup
...a cafe con leche - an expresso shot with steamed milk
...a capuccino - an expresso served in a large cup dusted with cocoa powder and cinnamon
...a submarino - steamed milk served with a bar of dark chocolate..."

If you want to read more Beyond Empanadas blog posts, click on the following link. beyond empanadas...: How to order coffee


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