The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia

Check SpellingCheck SpellingDo you want to see the The Bolshoi Ballet perform in their home turf next time you're in Moscow? If that's a yes, have the hotel concierge call to reserve your tickets, as soon as you arrive at the hotel from the airport. You may also purchase tickets via the official Bolshoi website, an option that I have not explored.

If you're serious about going to one of these shows, have your credit card ready and be prepared to cough up $90 to $120 dollars per seat. Last minute seats go fast over the phone and if you take too long to think about it the seats and price you were quoted, will be gone. Remember, the Bolshoi Ballet only performs at home in Moscow during the winter months because during the summer months, they tour the world, so it's best to see in the winter months.

The Bolshoi Theatre is located a short walk away from our downtown layover hotel. Check before you go, which theatre will hold your performance because they have several performance sites for the Bolshoi in Moscow. If you're not familiar with the layout of the city, be sure to get clear directions from the front desk attendants for your assigned theatre before you leave the hotel or take a cab so you won't get lost. One last thing, please, don't be late!

For additional information/schedules for The Bolshoi Theatre performances for 2010, please visit the official Bolshoi Theatre website (in English) in the following link: The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia


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