Flavored Russian Vodkas

Everyone knows that Russia is the land of Vodka, but did you know that Russia has hundreds of vodka brands to choose from? and that some of them are flavored with herbs, fruits or with honey? if this interests you, keep reading.

The "In Your Pocket" Moscow free guide claims that the best Russian vodkas are Russky Standart Platinum, Diplomat and Marusya and that the cheapest ones are, Sibirskaya, Korona and Zolotaya Bochka .

If you want to buy vodka while in Moscow, go the local supermarket (there is one right around the corner from our layover hotel), or to the Gourmet Russian Supermarkets, like Gum Gastronom located inside the GUM department stores, or to the Duty Free shops at the airport.

The supermarket will be your cheapest option, but the selection is limited. Duty Free shopping is more user friendly, because the sales people speak English and the selection is better than the supermarket, but don't expect to see hundreds of options there either. For a greater selection of upscale brands of vodka, head to the The Gourmet Supermarkets, but expect to pay more.

I saw a colorful selection of "flavored vodkas" that may interest you, in a Duty Free shop at the airport. They sold individual bottles for $6 to $12 dollars a piece or pre-packaged sets of five small bottles (each of a different flavor) for $8 dollars a set. This set is a nice option if you're interested in sampling the different flavors. Some of these flavors are cranberry, honey, honey chilly and birch (picture enclosed).

I also spotted some cute Matroshka Doll shaped Vodka bottles (photo enclosed) in the same Duty Free Shop at the DME airport. This shop is the first one on your right, after the the security check point and immigration. These bottles were not only attractive, but they were unusual because of their shape. However, their price was high. Each bottle sold for $29 dollars. Quite a bit more than all the others. Oh well.

Next time you're in Moscow, take some time to check out the Russian vodkas and let me know what you find. If you discover anything interesting, let us know, so we can share it with our readers. Send your story to us at postcards@me.com and we will publish it in our next post.

For additional information about Vodka, click on the enclosed link by Wikipedia. Vodka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Enjoy and Nastrovia!


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