Get Your Meds In Buenos Aires

Ok ladies and gentlemen, you can get your meds in Buenos Aires at The Farmacia Nuevo Puerto II in Puerto Madero, located at 146 Ave Alicia Moreau de Justo, between Viamonte and Tucuman Street.

Just ask for Ramiro Alvarez, the owner and pharmacist of this Farmacia. Better yet, send him an email ahead of your trip so he can have your order ready for when you arrive in Buenos Aires. His email - jralvarez@fibertel.com.ar

Don't forget to include in the email your name, the airline you're affiliated with, the date of your arrival and the medication and quantity you wish to purchase.

Remember, some medications will need a prescription and some won't, but most, if not all, are definitely cheaper in Buenos Aires that in the United States.

If you visit the Farmacia, which is a short walk away from the hotel - ask for directions from the concierge - check out the nice selection of imported French slimming creams that are all the rage among Argentinian women for loosing weight. My local friends swear by them! You can also get shots of vitamin B12 (supposedly wonderful for neural connections and energy administered at the Farmacia) and the ever popular sleeping pills Somit, a similar brand than the American Ambien.

Do you have any recommendations about good locations around the world where we can obtain our meds? if so, please share this with us and we will publish it for all to know. Send your posts to postcards@me.com

Thank you in advance! Hope this helps!


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