Buenos Aires - Visit Evita's Tomb - Recoleta Cemetery

Here are some wonderful photos of the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires shot by Linda Wiske, a stylish "Portena" (a native from Buenos Aires, Argentina) who currently lives and works (in the airline industry) out of Buenos Aires.

Thank you Linda for your photos!! Please send us more!!! Also, give us some "insider tips" about cool places to visit, while in your home town!

Some historical details about the Recoleta Cemetery you may want to know, before you go:

The Recoleta Cemetery was the first public cemetery built in Buenos Aires in 1822. It was declared a Historical Monument in 1946 - much like the Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

When the Recoleta Cemetery first opened, it only accepted Catholics for burial. In 1863, this rule was changed, to allow members of "other religions", equal access to the site, for burial.

The Recoleta Cemetery was built by the government, in confiscated farm land from Franciscan friars.

Evita - Eva Peron - is buried here - See if you can find her grave! (it is perhaps, the most visited grave in the site).

If you're not interested in finding Evita's grave, just wander around the grounds. It is a quiet, shaded and peaceful place. As you walk along the tiny, cobbled-stone paths, you'll see beautifully aged graves decorated with stunning marble sculptures. Very worth the visit!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of this marvelous place if you go...


Anonymous said...

THanks LIZZIE for ur nice description of myself CHE!! Yes I have to agree that its a peaceful and quiet place to walk around. You just cant stop shooting the cemetery. My advice is to go in the morning/noon kinda scarry after the sun goes down. Our first democratic president Raul Alfonsin was burried there 2 days ago. He was born March 12, 1927 and passed away March 31st, 2009. He was elected the 1st democratic president in December 10, 1983. This ended the Military period that lasted 7 years.
Evita's Mausoleum is, like LIZ said, the most visited. Dont expect anything BIG and SUPERB, its just small and u would never find it. Very Simple.....filled with FLowers. Just follow turists, check that theu know where they are going cause everybody gets lost trying to find her grave...

Lizzie in the sky with diamonds... said...

Thank u for the wonderful shots. They look nice no?

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