PARIS - Sainte-Chapelle - A tiny Gem!

If you're in the Ile de la Cite and it is a sunny day, you must visit the gorgeous Sainte-Chappel (Holy Chapel) - a tiny gem of a church filled with multi-colored stained glass windows, just a few blocks away from Notre Dame.

This Gothic structure, was built around 1248 by King Louis IX to house his newly purchased Christian relics - a tiny piece of the Holy Cross and The Crown of Thorns. The kicker, he payed three or four times the price of building the church for the relics!

If you go, don't forget to visit both floors. The second floor can be easily missed, and it's the most beautiful part!!

If you're not familiar with the characteristics of Gothic Architecture (high ceilings and a lot of light) these stairs to the second floor (one in either back corner of the lower level) will take you straight up to heaven!

As you enter, you will be in The Kings Chapel, an intimate room surrounded by tall glorious stained glass windows that glisten even more, under the sun.

I hope you find this place as magical as I did. Enjoy!

Any magical places in Paris you wish to recommend?


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