LONDON - Treasures of The Plague - The Wallace Collection

If you're in London between now, and the 10th of May, you may want to head to the Wallace Collection Museum to view a fascinating - FREE - exhibit, about a treasure-trove of gold and silver jewelery from the 13th century, found only recently, in 1998!! incredible! It had been buried under ground for 600 hundred in Thuringia - Central Germany.

This treasure, presumably owned by a Jewish goldsmith, was never retrieved by it's owner...perhaps, because he died suddenly from either, the plague (1348-49), or from the massacres that followed the plague - killings aimed at the local Jewish residents, who were blamed for the spread of the Bubonic Plague. (terrible!)

If you want more detailed information on this incredible exhibit, or about the Wallace Collection Museum's permanent collection, you can go to their website at www.wallacecollection.org.

The site includes a clear map with the precise location of the museum (a five minute walk from Edgeware Tube Station); and a tempting description of their French, courtyard Brasserie- yum, yum, I want to go!

If you make it to the exhibit or to the Museum's Brasserie, please let me know how they were...

Happy Trails!


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